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Always focus on the individual 

Since 1968 Rogner's success has essentially been based on the timely recognition and implementation of human needs. People are now more informed and aware in matters of health, and are more self-confident and therefore also more critical in the kind of rest cure they are seeking, and it was in response to this that the development and realisation of new business models such as Rogner Bad Blumau were undertaken at the beginning of the 90s.

Thanks to its international network connecting it with all the relevant medical and associated capacities (Chinese, Tibetan and African medicine, Ayurveda etc.), Rogner is a front runner in the European health tourism industry: It is man, together with nature and the environment, that are placed at the centre, and everything else - such as technology and architecture - are either subordinate to or developed out of that centre. That is the philosophy by which Rogner lives.

The resulting success has been scientifically proved by reports published by the Austrian Institute for Sustainability.
This partnership, which is unique within the wellness sector, is the basis for an innovative and yet deeply serious ongoing development of products and services in the therapy sector, making Rogner a front runner in the health tourism industry, in terms of the development of spa and wellness resorts, the training of staff, and the running of the resorts.