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Rogner Bad Blumau in der Steiermark

Rogner Bad Blumau

Immersing in the colours of the rainbow...

Rogner Bad Blumau, created by the famous austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is a trip of discovery. It is a trip to a magical world. Green roofs, round shapes, colourful facades and golden domes make up a spirited work of art in the middle of fields and meadows.

Vulkania ... volcanic origin and the highest mineralised curative water in teh Styrian spa region. Collected in the Vulkania curative lake. Genuine and powerful with the warmest bathing temperature out in the open. Bathing in this water feels like silk.

For you and me... just the two of us in lovingly designed rooms, without TV (on request), in magcial oasis, hidden under canopies, small bridges and trees of life.

Areas of touch... unique combinations of various therapies, massages, beauty treatments or sport programmes - on the basis of a personal interview with the SPA employee of your choice - exactly for your individual needs.

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